The Hopes of Karenguuld

Chapter III: Cells, Crowns, and Curtains

(Recovered from the Legendary Scrolls of Kheldar. It is rumored that these records are penned by the psion himself…)

After waking in the prison, the party escaped from their cells with the help of Corvus’ phasing and brilliance, and got to know their new allies (and mourned for exactly 1 second about their old fallen allies).

They sneaked noisily through the rest of the prison rooms, finding important documents, a few gems, and all our gear, and even managed to destroy a helpless warden, who tried to raise the alarm to the entire keep and then go back to his family. What a loser.

They exited the prison into some sort of keep courtyard, and were attacked by vicious eladrin guards who were nasty and tricksy and not all that pretty. Even though they released a gigantic Fomorian onto the party—really, a large ugly monster—the heroes slew them all bloodily and explosively, perhaps even suffering from some crazed friendly blades.

Corvus, Barakas, and Kheldar disguised themselves as the guards and made their way to the Shady Merchant’s store, pausing only briefly to re-engage/fool the eladrin sergeant into thinking they were three competent guards and not a shifter, tiefling, and deva.

Shady Merchant agreed to help the party, offering information (Baron Killenguard’s Cirque du Tiefling that very night) and better eladrin disguises in exchange for running Emporium Merchant out of business.

Returning to the Keep, the party donned their new disguises (eladrin nobles and their fat eladrin children), and considered their options. They elected to ruin Emporium Merchant’s business through an elaborate hoax involving dead guard bodies, a well-timed mind control, and a swarm of guards who’ve been looking for an excuse to beat Emporium Merchant stupid.

As every guard queued up at the Emporium beating, the party explored the old castle ruins and the town hall, finding that some sort of ice apocalypse had occurred there, slaying the royal family and making way for one S. Banterlock (the family’s advisor) to seize control of the town.

The party discovered that Swiften Banterlock is a lich and behind every last bad thing to ever happen, including the Mordenkrad of Protection being stolen, all those people at the archive dying, the coming of the terrible ice in Eladrin Town, the royal family dying, and the economic devastation and housing crisis.

Locating the lich’s phylactery and the protection ritual to contain the lich’s soul once it’s destroyed, the party goes to the Mincing Tiefling show, and all their plans are immediately screwed up by Baron Killenguard/Swiften Banterlock/Evil Undying Lich inviting them to join him in his theater box for the show.

Baern the Baby Eladrin throws a violent temper tantrum, freaking out the escorting guards enough so Kheldar can get away into the actor’s changing room under the Baron’s box, and while the Baron interrogates the disguised party about who they are and where they’re from, Kheldar casts the ritual and then destroys the phylactery, which totally wrecks the Baron’s night.

The lichy Baron jolts from his chair, transforming into a rat and scuttling off while the party gets manhandled by their box chairs, and the actors transform into flesh spiders, sorcerers, and devils. A pale rider cavalier appears, and the devils hop up onto the horns of raging behemoths which crash through the theater walls, and baby, it’s on!

The party lays waste in all directions in a massive, sprawling battle, and the only real victim is the Arts, which makes Baern very happy.




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